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Monday 21st November 2016

Data Radio’s two-way radios enhance the workflow for our customers large and small throughout the UK and beyond. In addition to two-way radios, Data Radio also carries a broad range of two-way radio accessories which make our radios even more useful to end users. Our accessories can help keep multiple radios organized, make it easier to hear radio communications in noisy environments, and even prevent fatigue while using our radios. In this article, we discuss how our five most popular accessories make our customers’ lives easier.

Six Way Charger:
Our popular six way chargers charge multiple radios simultaneously, and help keep our customers organized. One of the great things about our six way chargers is that they provide a logical location for storing multiple radios when not in use. This reduces the chance that someone might need to track down a misplaced radio. Six way chargers are useful for hotels, shops, schools, recreation groups, or anyone else who needs to keep track of multiple radios.

Headphone & Mic:
Some people spend hours using our two-way radios. Our combination headphone & mic can make their lives easier. Dispatchers, announcers, supervisors, and others may find that a handheld radio is inconvenient to use for extended periods of time. When they use a headphone & mic set they can use a radio without needing to hold a bulky handset. This prevents fatigue and lets them concentrate on what they do best.

Hard Hat, Headphone, & Mic:
Our hard hat, headphone, & mic is ideal for workers at building sites. These workers must wear hard hats to protect their heads and often need to be available by radio at all times. The hard hat, headphone, & mic combination meets their needs. It is much more convenient and less fatiguing to use than a handheld radio, and end users will find it easier to hear the radio over the din of a building site.

Ear Mount:
Event staff and security guards need to be reachable by radio over extended time frames. They also need to be able to hear the radio over the noise of a crowd and to have their hands free at times. Meanwhile, they need to interact with the general public, and a bulky headset can have poor aesthetics. Therefore, these people can find our ear mount headset very useful. Not only is it comfortable and easy to use for long periods, it also makes the end user look more professional.

Our speaker mic is an ideal accessory for policemen, firefighters, and other emergency workers to use along with their two way radios. Speaker mics are easier to hear than belt-mounted radios and are also less bulky to handle. At the same time, speaker mics do not obstruct the end user’s ears, allowing them to hear what is going on around them. Thus, speaker mics are the ideal accessory to go along with emergency workers’ two-way radios.

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