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Friday 14th October 2016

Data Radio was founded back in 1991, with the goal of providing sales, service, and rentals of two way high powered radios to customers throughout the UK. Since then, Data Radio has done all of that and more for a broad range of customers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

We proudly serve customers across a wide range of industries. As approved Icom and Entel suppliers, we provide a full range of radios and installation services to customers large and small. We are proud to be an approved supplier for large institutional customers such as utility companies, schools and councils. At the same time, we sell and rent a full range of two-way radios to smaller customers such as event organizers, shops, and construction companies. One of our specialities is supplying radio equipment for harsh environments, such as fully submersible radios. We sell marine radios to companies like Seatruck, automotive electronics to vehicle fleet operators, and low-power unlicensed radios suitable for small enterprises, social groups, and even individual households.

Many times our customers find that accessories can make our radios even more useful. Data Radio supplies a full range of accessories, including headsets, speaker-mics, chargers, and cases. These accessories make our two way radios easier to handle and more convenient to use.

While we are proud of the two-way radios that we sell, we are much more than just a radio supplier. Rentals, servicing, and installations are available. We rent two way radios for anything from a day to several years. Our trained staff service all makes and models of two way radios, and install two-way radio communications systems. In one of our larger projects, we successfully installed a 250 vehicle wide area (MPT 1327) radio network for a utility.

Our skilled radio installation engineers are also registered with FITAS, the leading accreditation scheme for vehicle electronics installation, and we have a substantial automotive electronics business which complements our radio expertise. We are main dealers for Cygnus Automotive. Data Radio sells and installs vehicle telematics, tracking devices, and mobile CCTV including Mi-Witness and SmartWitness. In one notable vehicle electronics contract, we installed over 400 mobile data terminals for Computer Cab Liverpool within 2 weeks.

Data Radio has proudly sold, rented, and serviced two way radios for many years, and has numerous satisfied customers across a wide range of industries. With everything from low-power radios up to large wide-area radio networks available, Data Radio is able to serve the needs of small businesses and large institutions alike.

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