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Friday 7th October 2016

Data Radio supplies a wide range of high-powered two way radios for a wide range of end users. Both licensed and unlicensed radios are available, which meet the needs of customers ranging from individual households to large institutions. These radios are available for purchase or rental, making Data Radio an excellent supplier for anything from a long-term installation to a one-off event.

As the name implies, unlicensed radios do not require the user to acquire an Ofcom license. Sometimes referred to as PMR 446 radios, these two-way radios offer a range from a few hundred meters to a few kilometres, depending upon the surroundings. Shops, hotels, and even individual households can communicate across short distances using unlicensed radios. Data Radio sells a variety of unlicensed radios from Entel and Icom.

Licensed radios offer higher power than unlicensed radios, giving them a longer range. Their use requires a license from Ofcom. This license allows the user to reserve a specific frequency for their exclusive use in a particular area. Data Radio’s customers use licensed radios from Entel and Icom to cover sites such as schools, factories, and special events. All of Data Radio’s products are available with fast and free delivery throughout the UK, and we also ship our products abroad as well.

Sometimes, a customer only needs radios for a limited time. Given a limited timeframe, renting radios can be much more economical than buying them. Data Radio has radios available for rental for any timeframe from a day to a year. Data Radio holds an Ofcom license, so customers can rent licensed radios without the expense or hassle of acquiring a license themselves. Radio rentals are available on short notice. Within the greater Liverpool area, two way radio rentals are normally available the same day.

Data Radio also services and installs a wide range of equipment. Data Radio has fully qualified service personnel on staff, who service all makes and models of two way radios. Installation services for two-way radio systems and vehicle electronics are also available; the company’s engineers are accredited by FITAS, the leading accreditation scheme for vehicle electrical communications equipment installers.

Households looking for two-way walky talkies, event organizers, and large institutions can all benefit from Data Radio’s two-way radio products. Data Radio has two-way radios available for sale and hire, and offers quick, free shipment throughout the UK. The company’s fully qualified staff also provide servicing and installation as desired. Data Radio serves the two-way radio needs of a wide range of customers within the United Kingdom and beyond.

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